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phpUA Version 1.1.0b
To begin using phpUA, you must download the phpUA Engine and at least one plug-in.

Note for Half-Life:
Download the Plug-in: Half-Life package and the appropriate image pack for the modification you run. Optionally, you may also download the Plug-in: Half-Life: Metamod package which will extend the capabilities of phpUA.

Also download HOTFIX 5 to resolve the latest HL1 Engine update issues.

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(hotfixes available here)

Over 25 thousand users can't be wrong!

Arrow What is phpUA?

A Revolution in Server Administration
phpUA is a PHP script that enables gaming server administrators to manage their servers via a website interface and to display server information including live statistics to the public. Plug-ins allow for game, language and website design compatibility.

Arrow Features

phpUA incorporates advanced features that put us ahead of even the commercial competition!

phpUA Engine
The phpUA Engine drives the advanced server management website interface. It encourages community support with detailed documentation on how to write your own plug-ins to support games (other than the games we provide official support for in our releases). This modular format allows the community to become a part of the development team as they can submit their work for inclusion in later releases. Submissions will be reviewed for quality and consistency. Additionally, plug-ins can also be written to manipulate data output in various ways. All plug-ins are written in PHP, one of the Internet's most popular and fast growing server-side programming languages.

Game Support
Our primary focus has been to support Half-Life and its various modifications. Official Steam releases such as Half-Life Deathmatch, Counter-Strike, Condition Zero, Deathmatch Classic, Day of Defeat, Opposing Force, Ricochet and Team Fortress Classic, are all officially supported. With the use of the optional Metamod plug-in, you are able to view these games in 2D as they are being played, using your web browser from anywhere in the world. Live, extended information about players and what they are saying can also be streamed to you in real-time. The Half-Life Modification, Science and Industry, is also supported, along with Battlefield 1942, Call of Duty, Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament 2003 at basic levels. With community help, we will endeavour to support your favourite games and modifications. Developments already made by the phpUA community are available from our Submissions page.

Template Engine
phpUA makes use of the Smarty Template Engine by allowing users that are inexperienced with PHP to customise the presentation of information to suit their website's appearance. Other software packages limit you to changing just the colour schemes while we let you change the raw HTML code that is output. We also provide a default style scheme that you can use to get started straight away or to use as a model for your own design which may be submitted to us as a choice of style for later releases. Extended usage of this engine allows phpUA to output data in JavaScript, WML and RSS forms. This allows you to link to phpUA's output from your existing website or even your WAP-enabled mobile phone.

phpUA has been designed for both novice and advanced users. While we assume that you have the knowledge to upload the package onto your website, installation has been made as painless as possible via a web-based installation script. This means that you can install phpUA with just an FTP client and your web-browser.
We understand that the potential users of phpUA may be working with free hosting alternatives without access to somewhat specialty solutions such as databases. phpUA only requires PHP Version 4.1.0 (we require this version primarily for security reasons). There is no database daemon required!

Arrow Development Team

Brian A. Stumm a.k.a. BAStumm (e-mail: brian at phpua dot com)
Web Development Director / Project Coordinator

31 year old from Spokane, Washington USA with a vision to create live data streams from game servers to the web. I am married and have two children (they are gamers too). Founder/Administrator of, a fairly large Team Fortress (and recently DoD) community. I dabble in many areas of programming but lean towards web technologies for the *nix platform.

Kris Splittgerber a.k.a. Mad-X (e-mail: kris at phpua dot com)
Development Team Leader

G'day, I'm 18 years old from Sydney, NSW, Australia and developed the phpUA Engine along with the Battlefield 1942 and Unreal Tournament plug-ins, the English translation and the default template as well as this site. My programming specialties include HTML 4.01 Transitional, XHTML 1.1, JavaScript, PHP, mySQL, Visual Basic .NET (1.0 and 1.1 Frameworks), XML, Internet Relay Chat Protocol, Gamespy Query Protocol and Project Management. I'm a Recognised Microsoft Developer with Certificate II in Information Technology (ICA20199). I'm willing to hire my services to those willing to pay :), but am also interested in hearing from other open-source projects requiring any of the above skills.

Kevin Masterson a.k.a. CyberMind (e-mail: kevin at phpua dot com)

18 year old from Ocean City, Maryland. I am currently attending the University of Maryland: College Park, majoring in Computer Science. I am highly skilled in C/C++, networking, and wasting time on IRC (which I am currently developing an open-source bot for), and I am less skilled in Perl, PHP, HTML, and SQL, but I can manage. If I'm not sitting on IRC, you might also find me on a TFC server, but I don't play that often anymore.

Adam Kiepper a.k.a. Lumpy (e-mail: adam at phpua dot com)

I'm a 22 year old from Ohio. I have a strong interest in pretty much anything related to computers, though I so far seem to specialize in operating systems. I have no skill in programming of any type, but do have a strong desire to learn something. As far as concerns phpUA, I seem to be a nitpicker who makes slight changes to others code to satisfy his own retentiveness. I'm also possibly the closest thing there is to an Official Overview Creator. Though of course only for official maps of mods that are currently supported by phpUA.

Zac Shenker a.k.a Yellow_Fuzzy (e-mail: yellowfuzzy at unitedadmins dot com)
Release Technician / UA Hosting Connection Co-ordinator (United Admins)

15 years old from Sydney, NSW, Australia and try and help out the phpUA team, where ever I can, I have now taken on the role of Release Technician for phpUA among my many other positions at UA. I am currently the UA Hosting Connection Co-ordinator and am on the UASite Team, helping out with content updates and design.

Arrow Credits
phpUA Engine Kris Splittgerber
Translation: en-us Kris Splittgerber
Plug-in: Battlefield 1942 Kris Splittgerber
Plug-in: Call of Duty Hendrik Leppkes
Plug-in: Half-Life Kris Splittgerber, Brian A. Stumm
Plug-in: Half-Life: Metamod Brian A. Stumm, Mike Kornpouffe, Kevin Masterson
Plug-in: Quake III Arena Hendrik Leppkes
Plug-in: Unreal Tournament Kris Splittgerber
Plug-in: Unreal Tournament 2003 Kris Splittgerber
Style: default Kris Splittgerber
Release Distribution Zac Shenker Kris Splittgerber,

Arrow Special Thanks

Alfred Reynolds
Ben Anderson
Jeffrey "botman" Broome
Pierre Marie Baty
Rob "Maelstrom" Abbot
Stefan Hendriks
Adam "Lumpy" Kiepper
Stefan "Montanus" Berg
Peter-Paul Koch
Michael Foster
Monte Ohrt
Andrei Zmievski
Will Day
The PHP Group

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